10 tips for a successful rental application!

Demand for rental properties in Brisbane has been extremely strong in recent months with multiple applications being submitted for homes as soon as they become available. The most common question we are now asked is, “What can I do to make sure I get approved for this…

Don’t Tax Yourself With Property Tax

As a homeowner are you taking a huge gulp at the end of every financial year with your rental property tax? Budget changes and changes to record keeping requirements can leave even the most seasoned homeowner in a bit of doubt. Here are four easy (but sometimes overlooked) ways to stay on top of EOFY.

The Practical Series: Why Landlord’s Insurance?

Do you need landlord’s insurance if you already have a comprehensive insurance policy on your investment home? This is a question that homeowners often ask, and experts will tell you insurance is always a good idea. While every policy is different, here are some examples of how landlord’s insurance can make a huge difference to your outcomes.

The Practical Series: Keeping A Safe Rental Home

Most homeowners would never intentionally put their homemakers in any danger. Unfortunately, when it comes to safety, there may be no second chance. So how do you keep on top of safety in your rental home? Here are some of the areas you might want to consider in your safe home plan.

The Practical Series: 3 Easy Ways to Prevent Bond Claims

Bond claims are not good news for anyone. For homeowners, this means the home has in some way been damaged and for the homemakers it means they lose money. Here are three simple and low-cost ways to protect the home and prevent unnecessary bond claims.

The Practical Series: Who Pays Water Usage in Rental Homes?

41752303 - man watering the garden from hose on sunny day

When it comes to water bills who pays water usage in rental homes? As a consultant, I am often asked this question by both homeowners and homemakers alike. So let’s look at the rules for water usage in Queensland and how they might apply to you and your home.

Spreading Joy and Gratitude at Christmas

Christmas is such a magical time of year. Houses, homes, abodes and apartments completely transform to welcome the season. It’s time to de-clutter and dust off the old decorations, hang up the twinkling fairy lights, top the tree with a star or angel of your choice and cover any available surface in tinsel.

Property Maintenance: A Best Practice Guide

No matter how perfect your investment home is when you buy it, at some point items might need repairing, replacing or improving. What’s best practice for property maintenance? We look at some of the common maintenance decisions and how looking ‘beyond the numbers’ is a great approach.

Pets and Rental Homes: Should They Mix?

Do pets belong in rental properties? If you’re a homeowner, you may feel the pressure to commit to allowing pets, but at the same time feel worried about the consequences. For homemakers, you may be desperate to find a pet-friendly home.We address this issue and explain how a good consultant can help.

Making the Switch to an Excellent Property Manager

Investment properties are often our biggest asset, so it’s important we’re happy with our manager. When key elements of excellent service are deficient, it might be time to switch. We outline what excellent property managers do well, and explain how to switch property managers in Queensland if the time comes.