10 tips for a successful rental application!

Demand for rental properties in Brisbane has been extremely strong in recent months with multiple applications being submitted for homes as soon as they become available. The most common question we are now asked is, β€œWhat can I do to make sure I get approved for this home?”

It can be very overwhelming and stressful trying to find a new home, especially when homes are in such high demand. There are so many factors to consider: will it suit my lifestyle, my work, is it affordable, will I be able to stay as long as I need to or will the owner want to sell it?

Here are our top 10 tips to help homemakers reduce the stress and increase the chances when trying to find a new home:

  1. Let your current property manager know you are looking for a new home. You never know, they may just have an upcoming home that suits your needs! Finding a homemaker who they know and value, and without the cost of marketing, can be very attractive.

  2. Set up an alert on realestate.com.au so you are notified the moment a home is listed that suits your criteria.

  3. View the photos / video online and read all the information in the advertisement carefully to ensure the home is suitable, and to familiarise yourself with the property in preparation for speaking with the agent.

  4. Submit your application ensuring all information is accurate for all applicants, and all supporting documentation is included. Add details about why you like the home, how long you would like to live there and why you are moving from your current home. If you have pets, include photos of your pets, how often you are at home and a little about their personality, behaviour and lifestyle.

  5. If your application is for the asking price for rent, you will be more likely to be considered as a homemaker (tenant). The homeowner and property manager will have carefully considered the rental valuation, and there is little chance to receive a rent reduction, especially in the current climate.

  6. Ensure your start date for the lease matches the available date for the home. Even if your intended move in date is a week or two after the available date, you may still need to apply to commence the lease on the available date.

  7. Whenever possible, attend the first scheduled viewing even if it means re-arranging your schedule for that day. As the old saying goes, β€œThe early bird catches the worm!”

  8. Add a cover letter with a short summary about you and any other applicants including a photo. Providing this kind of personal touch does help you to stand out from the crowd.

  9. Let your employer and referees know they may receive a call or email from the agency where you applied. Property managers greatly appreciate speaking with referees who are aware and ready to discuss the applicant.

  10. Be aware that your interactions with the property manager will influence your chances of success. Polite, respectful, enthusiastic and open communication works very well. On the other hand, try not to overload them, and, wherever possible, restrict your contact with the agency to one call or email to follow up on your application.

At Ku Property we have a strong focus on working Beyond the Numbers, which for us really highlights the importance of building relationships. The current climate is very stressful, and we do our best to understand the needs of homemakers (tenants), whilst also matching the needs to that of the homeowner.

Finding a home right now is difficult, and there can be disappointments, but following our top 10 tips, and of course your own wisdom and experience in the matter, can help things to run as smoothly as possible.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplas